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Displays points as vertical bars.


The TBarSeries component outputs all points as vertical bars.
To see a visual representation of this Series type, go to the TeeChart User Guide.

Several TBarSeries can be displayed side-to-side, one behind the other, stacked or stacked 100% by using the MultiBar property.

Use the
Add or AddXY methods to manually fill bar points :

Series1.Add( 123 );

The BarBrush property determines the pattern used to fill bars, while the BarPen property is used to draw the bar edges.

Set the desired bar style ( cilynder, pyramid, etc ) by changing the
BarStyle property.

Use the BarWidthPercent property to control the relative distance between bars.

You can specify an exact bar width by using the
CustomBarWidth property.

Dark3D property controls if bar sides are filled with a darker color than front bar faces.

The OffsetPercent property determines the bars horizontal displacement.
This can be used to create overlayed bars with several bar series components.

Bar series leave margins both at left and right chart sides.
You can turn off this default behaviour setting the SideMargins property to False.

By default, bar bottoms start at zero vertical coordinate.
Set the YOrigin property to the desired starting bottom value or set the UseYOrigin to False to make bar bottoms start at minimum bars value.

OnGetBarStyle event can be used to supply a different bar style for each Series point.

Please refer to
TCustomBarSeries ancestor description for all common Series properties like Marks, Axis dependence, methods and events.