property Legend: TChartLegend;


The Legend property determines the text and drawing attributes of Chart's textual representation of Series and Series values.

The TChartLegend component draws a rectangle and for each Series in a Chart (or for each point in a Series) outputs a text representation of that Series (or that point).

You can use the Legend
LegendStyle and Legend TextStyle properties to control the text used to draw the legend.

The Legend can be positioned at Left, Right, Top and Bottom chart sides using the Legend
Alignment property, or custom positioned to any chart location using the CustomPosition, Left and Top properties.

Use the Legend
Visible property to show / hide the Legend.

The Inverted property makes Legend to draw text starting from bottom.

The Frame, Font and Color properties allow you to change Legend appearance.

The Legend
ColorWidth property determines the percent width of each item's "colored" mark.

The Legend
FirstValue property controls which Series (or Series point) will be used to draw first Legend item.