MaxOS64 Compilation Error

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MaxOS64 Compilation Error

Post by 8734warner » Mon Jun 29, 2020 3:09 pm

Everything installed fine for 10.3 and most of 10.4. The exception is MacOS64 for 10.4 (10.3 worked fine). I get the message below during compilation.

Cannot recompile Delphi package: TeeGrid.dpk
Embarcadero Delphi Next Generation for Mac OS X 64 bit compiler version 34.0
Copyright (c) 1983,2020 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
Linker command line: I:\Embarcadero\XE104\bin\ld.exe -arch x86_64 -o I:\XE10\CatalogRepository\SteemaTGrid\Sources\..\Compiled\Delphi27.osx64\System\bplTeeGrid27.dylib -map I:\XE10\CatalogRepository\SteemaTGrid\Sources\..\Compiled\Delphi27.osx64\System\ -e __ZN7Teegrid14initializationEv -dead_strip -dead_strip_dylibs -mark_dead_strippable_dylib -exported_symbols_list I:\XE10\CatalogRepository\SteemaTGrid\Sources\..\Compiled\Delphi27.osx64\System\TeeGrid.exp -dylib -export_dynamic -macosx_version_min 10.9 -F \System\Library\Frameworks -F \System\Library\PrivateFrameworks -L I:\Embarcadero\XE104\Lib\osx64\Debug -L I:\Embarcadero\XE104\Redist\osx64 -L I:\XE10\CatalogRepository\SteemaTGrid\Sources\Temp -rpath $ORIGIN -install_name @rpath/bplTeeGrid27.dylib -filelist I:\XE10\CatalogRepository\SteemaTGrid\Sources\..\Compiled\Delphi27.osx64\System\TeeGrid.lnk
Error: E2597 ld: warning: directory not found for option '-L/usr/lib'
ld: warning: directory not found for option '-F\System\Library\Frameworks'
ld: warning: directory not found for option '-F\System\Library\PrivateFrameworks'
ld: warning: directory not found for option '-F/System/Library/Frameworks/'
ld: file not found: /usr/lib/libiconv.dylib
Fatal: F2588 Linker error code: 1 ($00000001)
Compilation aborted.

Any thoughts?

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Re: MaxOS64 Compilation Error

Post by Yeray » Tue Jul 07, 2020 6:38 am


Have you created a MacOS64 connection and a profile in the SDK Manager in the IDE? The compiler needs that cache to build for MacOS64.
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