Class TCursorTool not found

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Class TCursorTool not found

Post by BKnox » Mon Feb 28, 2022 6:32 pm

I have a Delphi 11 VCL Forms application that uses TeechartVCLFMX Pro 2022.34. A page in a TPagecontrol contains a TChartLayout with 2 charts. I added a vertical cursor to one of the charts from the Tools menu and the cursor appears on the chart in in the IDE. However, when I attempt to run the application, I receive the following error message:

“Error reading DamperPVChartLayout1.Charts: Error reading TChartItem.InnerChart: class TCursorTool not found.”
Adding any other tool from the menu produces a similar error.

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Re: Class TCursorTool not found

Post by Marc » Tue Mar 01, 2022 3:25 pm


We've reproduced the project as we understand you've described it and it seems to run ok. Our example project here: ...

Let us know if it misses some elements of your project and or/modify it and send it back to us for further tests or let us know if it fails in your IDE.

Marc Meumann
Steema Support

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